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Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of the Patients We Serve

PrimeSource’s mission is “Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of the Patients We Serve” as well as making a Positive difference in the lives of staff and facility management. When PrimeSource becomes your ‘house doctors’ you’ll receive peace of mind with the support of additional staff, including patient assistants, clinical assistants and superior customer care with every visit.

PrimeSource services have been shown to prevent avoidable declines in health.  Audiology and Vision testing significantly reduce patient sensory deprivation. This condition has been shown to lead to more complex psychosocial and mental health issues and can prevent misdiagnosis of dementia.

Dentistry prevents hospitalizations, upper respiratory infections, and has been shown to protect against a host of medical conditions including heart attack, cancer and stroke.

Podiatry services prevent wounds, amputations, and infections of a population in which 1 in 2 patients suffer from diabetes.

PrimeSource services prevent avoidable declines in health through pro-active, regularly scheduled visits, and superior care.  The the benefits of quality care keep residents healthy and families happy while relieving the burden on facility staff make PrimeSource the clear choice.